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Dental Operating Microscope


At Excel Endodontics of Pennsyvania, all endodontic treatment procedures are completed using Zeiss OPMI Extaro or Global dental operating microscropes (DOM).  According to the American Association of Endodontics, the DOM is useful for all endodontic diagnostic and clinical purposes. The DOM provides illumination and magnification to aid in identification of caries, restoration margin integrity, and crack/fracture lines. During root canal therapy, the microscope helps in access preparation, removal of pulp stones/calcifications, locating canal orifices, and identifying fracture lines. Additionally, higher magnifications are useful for locating highly calcified canals, aiding in retreatments and allowing for easy removal of separated instruments. Current research indicates that the use of the DOM during apical microsurgeries (apicoectomies, root amputations, intentional replantation etc.) increases success rates. 

Take a virtual tour of our Center City office to see where we house our state of the art Zeiss OPMI Extaro dental operating microscopes! 

Cone Beam Computed Technology (CBCT): 3-D Imaging

At Excel Endodontics of Pennsylvania, we have a Carestream 9300 limited field of view (FOV) CBCT scanner in our Center City office. According to the American Association of Endodontics, accurate diagnostic imaging allow the endodontic practicioner to visualize the tooth or area, create a differential diagnosis, treatment plan and provide patients a pre-operative prognosis. Conventional two-dimensional (2-D) digital radiographs, while vitally important, provide limited diagnostic information and can be challenging to interpret due to overlapping anatomical structures. The limited FOV CBCT scan is used for endodontic purposes because it is capable of providing images with adequate resolution at a very low radiation dose. Your endodontist will inform you if a CBCT scan is recommended for your case. 

Digital Radiography

The Nomad digital radiography sensor and the computed dental radiography (CDR) intra-oral bite sensors allow our endodontic practicioners and our staff to acquire diagnostic and clinical radiographs while protecting patients by using very low doses of radiation. 

Electronic Health Records

Excel Endodontics of Pennsylvania is completely paperless, and our simple TDO web registration system enables patients to provide their health information from the convenience and privacy of their office or home. To begin your registration as a patient, please call our office and we will provide you with instructions and a personalized link OR follow the prompts on the 'Patient Login' heading above. We encourage all patients to pre-register.